EasyMalwareBlocker - Host Intrusion Prevention System

EasyMalwareBlocker protects your computer from all kind of malware (viruses, spyware, bots, ransomware, keyloggers, even rootkits, etc).
Pro Version: a) A Firewall which shows all non-Microsoft modules loaded with a program (.dll, etc).
b) System Tools like AutoStart and Delete Traces are also included.

Version 5.2 is now available!

WORLD'S FIRST: Spy Protection!

Pro Versions only: EasyMalwareBlocker (EMB) is able to block read operations by unauthorized programs (including scripts in (malicious) websites) in your personal files folder! This feature is very important for companies who want to protect their intellectual property.

EMB is a good reason NOT to update from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Windows, any version, has never been able to protect users from malware. Yes, it has become much more difficult to clandestinely install rootkits from Windows 7 upwards. But any other kind of malware can still be installed, without the user being aware of it.
Free Windows versions most likely will collect even more user data and try to send them over the Internet. Third party firewalls like EMB can prevent that. Windows does not come with a firewall.
EMB runs very well on Windows 7 machines. It does not yet run on Windows 10 systems.

A Sophisticated Uninstaller

You can uninstall any program which has been installed using our Uninstaller, including any kind of malware like trojans. Neither a Reference File nor an Uninstaller File is needed, our Uninstaller creates its own file!
Note for computer experts: When the EMB Uninstaller is operating in Install Mode (when a new program is being installed) our proprietary driver records all file and registry operations which are translated to uninstall comands.
The EMB Uninstaller is offered as a FREE stand alone program! (Can be installed in Windows XP PCs only)

Registry Protection

If EMB is running not only your File System (Hard Disc) is being protected, the Registry is protected too!

Delete Protection

Malicious software won't be able to delete your personal files like documents, photos, music or movies.


EMB runs on Windows XP (32 bit), Windows 7 Starter (32 bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit).
EMB does NOT run on any Windows 8 and 10 PCs as yet. It will hopefully run on these PCs sometime in 2016.
As Windows 7 and 8 can be updated to Windows 10 for free, EMB will most likely skip Windows 8 altogether and will put all efforts to make it run on Windows 10.
Installing EMB on a Windows XP PC is as simple as it can be, it only takes about 2 minutes (NO reboot is required).
However, installing EMB on machines with Windows 7 64 bit and higher is more difficult. Step by step instructions and additional VDOs have been provided to allow installation of EMB with its two drivers for non computer experts too.

The Firewall offers an extra feature

Our Firewall, which is by the way one of the best around as it also is able to - unlike others - distinguish between programs and modules that are loaded with it.

EMB Autostart now lists even more programs, modules and drivers.

EMB Test Program

An Open Source test program (easy to understand VB6) which tests all the functions of the FRP and the most important ones of the Firewall is now available too! It makes the job of testing our program for professional testers, for anyone else (and for ourselfes too!) much easier.


Introduction to EasyMalwareBlocker Intrusion Prevention System

EasyMalwareBlocker belongs to a new generation of Intrusion Prevention Systems. It is an easy to use program with some new and unique features never seen before.

As its name implies it is a highly efficient malware blocker (what is malware ?), it automatically blocks any kind of malware like viruses, adware, spyware and ransomware, trojans, keyloggers, backdoors, bots, worms, dialers, even rootkits, etc, from being (clandestinely) installed to your system while surfing the Internet (also called drive-by downloads) using any of the browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.
It also protects you from malicious email attachments as executable files will be blocked (read 'Help' on the 'File and Registry Protection' (FRP) panel first to properly setup the FRP) (Screenshot File System Monitor).

Some Internet Security programs - especially freeware - search your computer for a long time for malicious programs after these have been allowed to previously install themselves. Others work with file pattern recognizing which is never 100 % foolproof or they deal with difficult to maintain Reference Lists to block files.
EasyMalwareBlocker internally works with monitoring file extensions and therefore also recogizes and blocks even the very latest malware and never needs any updates.

EasyMalwareBlocker is fast as lightning: It adds no perceivable delays to file- and network operations including surfing the Internet - quite unlike some other Internet Security Systems.

An Incoming and Outgoing Firewall is included. Unnecessarily listening ports are automatically blocked (Screenshot). Should any program try to send (personal) data over the Internet EasyMalwareBlocker safely blocks these requests if you don't allow them (Screenshot Network Application Control).

On top of that there are useful System Check Utilities like Startup Programs (Screenshot), Compare Executable Files and more. New entries are listed separately, based on a Reference File, so that you can immediately see which programs were added (and modified or deleted) since you had EasyMalwareBlocker create the last Reference File.

Our two major design goals were to offer maximum protection with minimal user intervention. Unlike in the Windows XP environment you will never see unnecessary and nerve-wrecking popups like 'You have received a picture.bmp file. Would you like to open it?'

EasyMalwareBlocker comes in two different versions, one is for Home users and the other one is for Small Business users. Most of the features are exactly the same in both versions, they slightly differ eg in the predefined genres and downloading films and music files won't be possible by default in the Business Version.

In the 'PRO' Version (click here for detailed information) users can optionally install new programs, but for instance parents can set up EasyMalwareBlocker that installing new programs by their kids is not possible.

Another feature is Delete (all) Traces (Screenshot) left when surfing the Internet. In case 'Parental Control' is being used the same password has to be entered in order to get access to the 'Delete Traces' panel.
This feature is also available in the Business Version, but the correct password (eg set up by the supervisor) is always required to cleanup the System by EMB.

In the 'BUSINESS Version' Computer Administrators will certainly like the full protection EMB offers against installing any programs by their employees, among other features which differ from the Home version:

- By default the File System Monitor is set up that NO programs and other files like *.mp3 or *.mpg, *.avi, *.flv, etc, can be downloaded by employees be it by the Internet (default) or optionally (by clicking a single button) by CD/DVDs/Floppy Diskettes or by using USB Flash Drives (memory sticks).

- If new programs have to be installed only persons who know the EMB password have access to the FRP Panel where the normal mode can be changed to an unprotective mode so that new programs can be installed.

- EasyMalwareBlocker also offers full protection against stealing (classified) company data by employees. Blocking any file operations on USB Memory Sticks and CD/DVD drives has already been mentioned. More sophisticated attempts by uploading data over the Internet can be blocked too (Pro version only).

System Requirements

Both versions run on computers with single and multiple core CPUs with Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit operating system.
EMB also runs on Windows 7 Starter (32 bit) and 64 bit versions.
(EMB does NOT yet run on any Windows 8 or 10 OSs).
EMB also runs on computers with multiple OSs installed.
EMB runs on older computers too, you don't need computers with high CPU clock frequencies or lots of resources (a machine with a 900 MHz single core CPU and 512 MB RAM is fine(!)).
Windows XP with Service Pack 2 is required (dated about 2004). Windows updates since then can be downloaded and installed voluntarily but they are not really necessary.

Es ist geplant, auch eine deutsche Version anzubieten. Einige Beschreibungen zum Programm gibt es jetzt schon.

The main differences between the Free and Pro versions are:

- The Pro Version can actively block websites, the free version can't. The Pro version also shows all non-Microsoft modules that are loaded with every launched program.
- The Free Version can NOT show all non-Microsoft modules loaded with all programs and therefore
can NOT give a warning that eg malware like a keylogger is being installed, the Pro version can.
- The Pro version has some more handy features like an AutoStart and Delete Traces Utility, gauged Internet traffic speed indicator, etc.

A description of how Windows, EMB and other AV programs work together is given here:
English: Gen Intro En
Deutsch: Gen Intro Dt

EMB is on facebook too (type 'easymalwareblocker' without quotes in the search mask).

EasyMalwareBlocker Version 5.2 is available for download for these Operating Systems:

Windows XP 32 Bit 'Home Free': download

Windows XP 32 Bit 'Home Pro': download

Windows 7 32 Bit 'Home Free': download

Windows 7 32 Bit 'Home Pro': download

Windows 7 64 Bit 'Home Free': download

This version has extensively been tested and is being udated in regular intervals.
Windows 7 64 Bit 'Home Pro' (last updated Feb 24, 2016): download

As already mentioned the installation is not easy as acb. 2 VDOs can be viewed:
- One explains step by step how to install EMB's FRP driver and
- the other one shows what to do in the first run.
Links for the videos are given in the installation packages.

Last updated: February 24, 2016